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Hiroyuki Ito, PhD (Director since April 2020)


The Research Center for Applied Perceptual Science (ReCAPS) was established in 2013, as a platform for conducting studies in a new multidisciplinary research field, perceptual science. Under the strong direction of Yoshitaka Nakajima, PhD, the founder of ReCAPS, the center has formed the basis for the future development of perceptual science through the interchanges among researchers of different disciplines.

One of our important policies is that each member of ReCAPS should analyze a problem from viewpoints of multiple disciplines. This will make a smooth and effective collaboration among various fields of researchers. In fact, ReCAPS has held a lot of meetings for research exchanges, called perceptual frontier seminars, and accumulated the research results acquired from interdisciplinary collaborations. We will maintain the policy and promote various types of perceptual-science studies and collaborations among researches from the fields of perceptual psychology, cognitive science, brain science, signal processing, mathematical science, informatics, and others.

We are open to any potential collaborators who would like to enjoy studies in perceptual science.

最新情報 | ごあいさつ | 開催日程 | 構成員 | 連絡先 | English

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